Why should we rent an apartment in Vinhomes Central Park, HCMC?

Cheap apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh is hotter than ever. You wonder if you should choose to rent Vinhomes Central Park apartment or not? See this article now to be able to make the best decision!

Rent a cheap apartment in Vinhomes Central Park, why?

1. Rent a cheap apartment – Benefit from the geographical location

Previously, Binh Thanh was still famous for many golden lands and luxury apartment projects. But now, this area is developing more mid-range and low-cost projects. The variety of real estate types makes the real estate market in this area grow. If you can own or rent Vinhomes Central park apartment as a place to live, it will be an ideal choice.

2. The population density here is quite low

Binh Thanh district has a relatively low population density, so the air around this area is quite fresh. With the above advantages. So many people have come here to buy houses or invest in apartments for rent. This trend makes products here always expensive. For those who are not eligible to own a private apartment. They choose the form of apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh will be very suitable.

3. Green living space, modern social facilities

The advantage that many people prefer to live in Vinhomes, is that this area has a lot of green space. With this criterion, finding an apartment, or renting an apartment in Vinhomes Tan Cang is very suitable. Currently, Saigon owns many large green parks that provide green living spaces. For example: Ho Chi Nguyet Park has an area of ​​over 70,000 m2. Or the extension park in Nam Vien residential area has a total area of ​​about 45,000m2. Besides, this area also has a system of parks. Green areas range from 1,000m2 to 80,000m2 and hundreds of other local parks.

In particular, this area is focusing quite a lot of modern public utility systems. This will be a plus for those who are planning to rent an apartment in Vinhomes Central Park apartment for rent. Some big commercial centers such as Lotte Mart, Saigon SECC Exhibition Center, amusement park and event of starlight bridge and semicircular lake … In addition, there are many hospitals. International School. Convenience stores, restaurants and food.

Renting a cheap apartment in Ho Chi Minh should choose any project?

The adjacent District 2, near the center of District 1, the transportation is very convenient, making the real estate value of this area increasingly high. In particular, mid-range and low-cost projects are making the market become more exciting and attractive to investors.

Because it is located in the eastern gateway – where the transport infrastructure is developed, District 7 concentrates quite a lot of projects. One of the typical projects in recent times is Vinhomes Central Park, Masteri Thao Dien, City Garden Tan My … Especially, these can not fail to mention the Vinhomes project. Located at the gateway to Phu My Hung urban area, it is easy to move to District 1 through many transport routes such as: Kenh Te Bridge, Nguyen Tri Phuong, Tan Thuan II … This is an ideal project for the environment. living schools are planned synchronously, freshly, a civilized and modern city. This is also considered one of the projects and areas worth living if choosing to rent an apartment

The choice of cheap apartment with Vinhomes Central Park apartment

In addition to Vinhomes. Masteri is one of the cheap projects quite ideal if you want to rent apartments in District 2. The project is located right in Thao Dien residential area. So in the process of living, residents will enjoy a lot of benefits. Located close to the front of Nguyen Luong Bang street, 300m from Paragon Parkson. Adjacent to Viet Phap Hospital. Tam Duc Hospital. Tan My Market, Thien Son Plaza … help residents easily move. The project also has many internal utilities, security is always guaranteed. Therefore, if you are planning to rent a cheap apartment in District 2, you definitely should not miss this project.