Ciputra Apartment Rentals


Almost apartment in Ciputra Hanoi has full furniture and equipment with variety of available apartment for rent. The list of apartment for rent in ciputra hanoi

NoBuilding NameFloor No.Usable areBedroomsUn/FurnishedPrice: US$/Month
1G02Floor 2153 sq.m3Furnished800 US$/Month
2G02Floor 3153 sq.m4 Furnished850 USD/Tháng
3G02Floor 5123 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
4G02Floor 5153 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
5G02Floor 6123 sq.m3 Unfurnished650 US$/Month
6G02Floor 7123 sq.m3Furnished900 US$/Month
7G02Floor 11153 sq.m3 Furnished1100 US$/Month
8G02Floor 12123 sq.m3 Furnished750 US$/Month
9G02Floor 15123 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
10G02Floor 18 123 sq.m3 Furnished1000 US$/Month
11G03Floor 4123 sq.m3 Furnished800 US$/Month
12G03Floor 6153 sq.m4 Furnished900 US$/Month
13G03Floor 11153 sq.m3 Furnished1100 US$/Month
14G03Floor 15 123 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
15G03Floor 20180 sq.m4 Furnished1000 US$/Month
16E4Floor 3153 sq.m3Furnished1100 US$/Month
17E4Floor 7153 sq.m3 Furnished1200 US$/Month
18E4Floor 9123 sq.m3 Furnished1200 US$/Month
19E4Floor 16153 sq.m3 Furnished1400 US$/Month
20E4Floor 18123 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
21E5Floor 8123 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
22E5Floor 12123 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
23E5Floor 15153 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
24E5Floor 20180 sq.m4 Furnished1300 US$/Month
25P1Floor 8182 sq.m4 Furnished1400 US$/Month
26P1Floor11145 sq.m3 Furnished1100 US$/Month
27P1Floor 12182 sq.m4 Furnished1300 US$/Month
28P1Floor 12A182 sq.m4 Furnished1300 US$/Month
29P2Floor 3145 sq.m3 Furnished1200 US$/Month
30P2Floor 3182 sq.m4 Furnished1300 US$/Month
31P2Floor 7145 sq.m3 Furnished1800 US$/Month
32P2Floor11182 sq.m4 Furnished1900 US$/Month
33P2Floor 14145 sq.m3 Furnished1100 US$/Month
34L1Floor 4267 sq.m4 Furnished3500 US$/Month
35L1Floor 7154 sq.m3Furnished1700 US$/Month
36L1Floor 9154 sq.m3Furnished1800 US$/Month
37L1Floor 12114 sq.m3 Furnished1200 US$/Month
38L1Floor15267 sq.m4Furnished4000 US$/Month
39L2Floor 6267 sq.m4 Furnished2800 US$/Month
40L2Floor 8154 sq.m3Furnished1800 US$/Month
41L2Floor 12A114 sq.m3 Furnished1300 US$/Month
42L2Floor 15267 sq.m4Furnished4500 US$/Month

Apartment building g02-g03 ciputra

G02-G03 buildings are two first buildings in Ciputra. It was built with 20 floors. First floor is lobby (receiption area, common lobby , two elevators for each building and letter box area.

It has three style of apartments such as three bedrooms (123sq.m), four bedroom (153sq.m) and Penhouse (more than 200sq.m). All apartments have bright  and large bedrooms .  Rooms are covered natural bright.

Outdoor swimming pool, gym and Rafa restaurant locates in the middle of G02 and G03.

These two buildings are also nearby the United Nations International School just 10 minutes by walk.

Apartment building  E4-E5 ciputra

E4 – E5 buildings are two second buildings in Ciputra after G02-G03 buildings. It has same design with G02-G03 building but those two buildings have Shop houses, Family club, Kinderworld Kindergaten, Greenery Garden, K mart , tennis court, L place supermarket.

The residents living here are provided the best infrastructures including electricity, clean water supply system, wide road and open neighborhood landscape and all best services of high standard building such as outdoor swimming pool, gym, sauna, tennis court, international school inside ciputra, restaurants and wonderful neighbourhood landscape, reception and security 24/24h

Apartment building E1

E1 building is third building in ciputra after E4-E5 building. It is in Southwest Gate of Ciputra urban, Nguyen Hoang Ton street. This building has 20 floors. Each floor is 8 apartments wich sizes from 123sq.m to 153sq.m. Only Penhouse on the top floor is about  200sq.m. Facilities includes ourdoor swimming pool, tennis court, children playground, car park, reception and security 24/24h.

Apartment building  P1-P2

P1-P2 building was completed since 2009. They are next to lake and Park land. One attractive point of them is each apartment has one private lift  to entrance it’s apartment so It creates private and convernient for residence of P1 and P2 buildings

P1 and  P2 have 20 floors with some sizes from 154 sq.m, 182 sq.m, 280 sq.m for Pen-house. (from 3 bedrooms to 5 bedrooms)

Besides big outdoors swimming pool, gym, sauna, tennis court. On the first floor of P1 and P2 you can find Saigon smile spa, ATM, kindergarten.

The Link

The Link Ciputra consists of is two complexes of 2 and 3 towers among them L1 and L2 are two completed buildings, other buildings are under construction (as plan, L3 L4 L5 will be completed in 2018). The towers are 20 storeys high, each tower contains 118 unit, typical floor plan of 6 units per floor comprising of 2 bedroom (114m2) and 3 bedroom (154m2) apartments with the introduction of the Premium Apartment (267m2) facing the proposed golf course and lakes. L1 and L2 Apartment are specially designed condominium with full height glass windows provide a stunning sense of space and spectacular views of either the pool, the golf club house and or the Ciputra Hanoi International City’s main gate areas.

The link has ideal location within the proximity of the Red River, Westlake, minutes from The Golf Court, 15 minutes to Noi Bai airport.

Furthermore, The Links Ciputra is nearby Ciputra Club where have restaurant, Golf Court, indoor swimming pool, sauna, yoga, fitness center, Eco paths. So it is ideal space to live and relax after hardwork days.

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