Almost houses, and villa for rent in Ciputra Hanoi has a lots of characters with semi-detached and detached villa with garage, front & rear garden. All villa rentals has been finished with high quality fixture and fitting.

The list of villa for rent in ciputra hanoi

NoBlock AreaLand areaBedroomsUn/furnishedRental US$/Month
1C1 Block126 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished1300 US$/Month
2C1 Block250 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2200 US$/Month
3C1 Block126 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished1600 US$/Month
4C1 Block180 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2500 US$/Month
5C1 Block126 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished1200 US$/Month
6C1 Block230 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3000 US$/Month
7C1 Block230 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2400 US$/Month
8C7 Block360 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3500 US$/Month
9C7 Block360sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3000 US$/Month
10D2 Block300 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2500 US$/Month
11D3 Block180 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2200 US$/Month
12D4 Block180 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3000 US$/Month
13D4 Block180 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2000 US$/Month
14D5 Block300 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2500 US$/Month
15T1 Block300 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2500 US$/Month
16T2 Block150 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished1200 US$/Month
17T3 Block350 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3000 US$/Month
18T3 Block350 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished4000 US$/Month
19T4 Block300 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2800 US$/Month
20T4 Block350 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3800 US$/Month
21T5 Block230 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2100 US$/Month
22T6 Block300 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3500 US$/Month
23T9 Block150 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished1500 US$/Month

Villa in ciputra comprises villa stage 1 (lot c-d-g)

Villa STAGE 1 (LOT C-D-G), villa stage 2 (T area) and central park (block q)

  1. Villa stage 1 (lot c-d-g)

Those villas was completed and used  since 2007. This complex includes terrace, semi-detached villa and landed house.

There are a lot of size for customers can choose such as: 126sq.m, 150sq.m, 180sq.m, 217sq.m, 330sq.m and 350sq.m with full furnished and unfurnished ones. They have modern and  nice design with 4-6 bedrooms, 3 storeies only. Green life area, security 24/24h, perfect services (Rafa restaurant, swimming pool, gym, Unit and Singapore international shools, mini supermarket, tennis court,…)

2. Villa stage 2 (T area)

Villas stage 2 was completed and used since 2009. Similar with villas stage 1, this complex includes terrace, semi-detached villa and landed house.   It has ranging from 140sq.m to 600sq.m.

They are designed  with front yard, back yard, comprises 3 to 5 bedrooms, depending on its size, with public and private space for family members and a separate garage to ensure an elegant composition of the house.

The outstanding landmark of villas stage 2 are open space and green environment, with a park and water surfaces that are ideal for families, featuring a playground for children, a school, supermarket, spa, laundry shop, tennis court, Hanoi acardemy shool, ..

3. Central Park (Block Q)

The Central Park Residence supplys a luxurious living with nature set around lush greeneries and Park views.

Villas in block Q locates in the heart of Ciputra. Central Park Residence consist of a limited units of houses categorized in 5 different design style and land area. Central Park Residence introduces simplicity, elegance, and close to nature. Big window and unblocked view from every room be it living room or bed room allows the residents to fully enjoy a quality and balance living with nature.

Other facilities include United Nations International School, Singapore International School, Hanoi Academy School, Kinderworld Kindergarten, future hospital, fitness center, swimming pool, tennis court, park recreational area, playing ground, a newly completed ECO path for walking and riding, food center, green belt and much more. Everything you need for your quality lifestyle is at your door step.

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