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Nam Thang Long Urban Area in Hanoi (Ciputra Hanoi) is one of the first new urban areas developed by Indonesian and Vietnamese investors in a joint venture in Hanoi. And also one of the largest urban projects in the North, Ciputra Urban Area is built and developed based on the balanced correlation between urban space and natural environment, creating a Multi-functional city, an ideal space to meet the needs of housing, commerce, tourism and entertainment most modern and class in the North. The urban area is located in the Northwest of Hanoi City and is rated as the highest quality urban area with international standard public services.

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According to the latest planning adjustment, Ciputra urban area has a total planned area of ​​over 300 hectares, of which the project has about 50 apartment buildings and about 2,500 low-rise houses. Nam Thang Long urban area (Ciputra) has just been built over 100 hectares compared to the total planning of over 300 hectares. Utilities in the planned Ciputra urban area will have an international standard school, an international standard hospital, a supermarket system and a green park, a lake, a gym, a mini-golf course, etc. Specifically, Ciputra Villa rental area has built 3 phases, and Ciputra apartment area has built 4 stages each stage with the following ranges and buildings:

Villa area includes types of areas from 126m2 to 500m2

  • Sale price from 110 – 130 million/m2
  • Rents range from $ 1,000 – $ 6,000 per month

1. STAGE 1:

Phase 1 includes the ranges C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C7. Series D1, D2, D3, D4, D5. Series G1, G6, G9, G10 usually have an area of ​​126m2 to 350m2, usually with 4 bedrooms.

Ciputra giai doan 1

2. STAGE 2:

This period includes the villas of T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8 and T9 with areas from 1150m2, 180m2, 230m2, 350m2. 4 bedroom design.

The location of the second phase of the villa is close to Nguyen Hoang Ton street, this stage is in the middle of a favorable position close to both Vo Chi Cong and Thang Long bridge. It is located near the Academy school, the bilingual inter-school.

Mua Ban & cho thue nha, biet thu, can ho Ciputra Ha Noi

3. STAGE 3:

This period is divided into 5 ranges from M1, M2, M3, M4, M5 all in Q Ciputra area. Each row has 19 units with an area of ​​450m2 to 500m2 with 5 bedrooms.

The position of the second phase villas is located deep behind the second phase with very large apartments, here you can move along Nguyen Hoang Ton Street, traffic is very convenient to travel.

Mua Ban & cho thue nha, biet thu, can ho Ciputra Ha Noi

4. STAGE 4:

This stage has K area divided into 6 ranges including ranges A, B, C, D, E, F, G. The area ranges from 140 m2, 180 m2, 300 m2, 396 m2. The total number of villas is 161 units.

Mua Ban & cho thue nha, biet thu, can ho Ciputra Ha Noi


Ciputra apartment buildings with areas from 119m2, 123m2, 153m2, 145m2, 114m2, 182m2 and Duplake, Penthouse apartments have from 3 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms.
Stage 1: G2, G3 building
Stage 2: E4, E5, E1 building
Stage 3: P1, P2, L1, L2 building
Stage 4: The Link 345 building


Vi Tri Khu Do Thi Ciputra

We all have to admit that Ciputra urban area has a very favorable geographical position, especially the project very near to West Lake with an area of ​​approximately 500 hectares of water surface and surrounded by the Red River system. That brings a cool, clean living space in urban areas. Next is the road system that makes moving to the center as well as the suburbs very simple and convenient. Ciputra urban area adjoins the following arterial roads:

  • Vo Chi Cong Street – Nhat Tan Bridge to Noi Bai airport, this route will connect with Buoi – Lang street into a transportation system running around Hanoi Capital.
  • Thang Long – Noi Bai – Pham Van Dong Street cuts Hoang Quoc Viet Street and connects to the belt road 3, making it convenient to move south of the city to Highway 1.
  • Lac Long Quan – Au Co – Buoi street make it easy to move into the inner city of Hanoi,
  • Nguyen Hoang Ton Street intersects the above three routes to make the move from Ciputra urban area with many choices to anywhere in the inner and suburban areas of Hanoi.


Tien ich cao cap cua Ciputra Ha Noi

With the goal of developing into a green, prosperous and sustainable community, Ciputra urban area is fully invested in infrastructure, transportation networks, education systems, health systems, and trade services. commerce, travel and entertainment. In addition, the available utility system of the Ciputra Urban Area includes International School, supermarket, swimming pool, gym, golf course, tennis yard system, etc. designed appropriately in each area to help residents practice sports. You can also jog around the main urban promenade with rows of cool and blooming trees in each season.


Ciputra Nam Thang Long urban area has 4 entrances adjacent to all of the above main roads.

  • Vo Chi Cong Street – Nhat Tan Bridge has 1 entrance
  • Nguyen Hoang Ton Street has 2 entrances
  • Pham Van Dong – Thang Long, Noi Bai street have 1 entrance

Anyone who first moves into Ciputra urban area can feel the solemnity of the security and protection system here. Indeed, the security system at Ciputra works very diligently and effectively but is also quite friendly, at the main gates are usually arranged 4-5 guards, the system of intersections also often have 1-2 people along internal roads or subregion gates you also meet many security guards or patrol along the path of this project.

With the arrangement of protection and security is very appropriate, when living here, your family and children always have a sense of security and peace of life. When strangers appear with suspicious signs, they will be protected by the guards here about the purpose of entering the urban area or assistance if necessary.

The living space at Ciputra is not only the necessary safety, it is also a peaceful and beautiful living space, the harmonious green system along the roads, the main road also has a road system for people who practice sports. , go for a run, ride a bike and send children to school. When walking around Ciputra urban area, you will not be surprised to meet many foreigners living with their families here because Ciputra is a very good urban area, international schools in Hanoi for expats who living in Vietnam.


  • The overall landscape architecture is geared towards the emotional experience of the residents
  • Overall planning of diverse and abundant service infrastructure of Ciputra urban area
  • Develop a modern shopping mall in Hanoi City, entertainment system
  • The architecture of the villa is more harmonious with nature, going into detail and use, focusing on the experience of living space for users.
  • Combining architectural elements, planning, service infrastructure, management and operation to form a Lifestyle for successful people

Ciputra urban area is a project that gives customers many choices. Ciputra products and services segment is the high-end segment that customers come here not only to stay but they are looking for a living space to enjoy and experience the best and the highest facilities in the Ciputra Urban Area.