Ciputra's entrance gate

Ciputra’s entrance gate

CIPUTRA HANOI Urban Area is developed by the Ciputra Westlake City Development Co, Ltd a joint venture between the Urban Development and Infrastructure Investment Cooperation (Vietnam) and the Ciputra Group is well known all the world as the leader in new urban city developments. With over 100 subsidiaries, the Ciputra Group has pioneered real estate developments, creating modern green urban communities. Up to present, the Ciputra Group has developed 14 new urban areas in Indonesia which is ranging from 500ha to 6,000ha.

CIPUTRA HANOI is a new world class (301) hectares  integrated township, developed in accordance with the Hanoi City Plan. It consists of residential buildings, primary and secondary schools, gardens, a clubhouse and retail area, a luxury hotel and high-rise office buildings.The projects will harmonize and improve the environment as well as enhance the quality of life for the expected future population of 50,000 residents.


The Ciputra Hanoi provides you high-end amenities, such as a fitness center, a four seasons covered swimming pool, golf driving range, chipping and putting area, Golf Academy, and a golf pro shop. The Ciputra Club will offer a wide range of food and beverage options with a restaurant, soon-to-be sport’s bar, cafes, and spacious meeting facilities. So it is ideal space for living and relaxing after exhausting day at work.

For further information please contact us 0934 363 998

Here is information and price of apartments for rent in Ciputra Hanoi

NoBuilding NameFloor No.Usable areBedroomsUn/FurnishedPrice: US$/Month
1G02Floor 2153 sq.m3Furnished800 US$/Month
2G02Floor 3153 sq.m4 Furnished850 USD/Tháng
3G02Floor 5123 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
4G02Floor 5153 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
5G02Floor 6123 sq.m3 Unfurnished650 US$/Month
6G02Floor 7123 sq.m3Furnished900 US$/Month
7G02Floor 11153 sq.m3 Furnished1100 US$/Month
8G02Floor 12123 sq.m3 Furnished750 US$/Month
9G02Floor 15123 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
10G02Floor 18 123 sq.m3 Furnished1000 US$/Month
11G03Floor 4123 sq.m3 Furnished800 US$/Month
12G03Floor 6153 sq.m4 Furnished900 US$/Month
13G03Floor 11153 sq.m3 Furnished1100 US$/Month
14G03Floor 15 123 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
15G03Floor 20180 sq.m4 Furnished1000 US$/Month
16E4Floor 3153 sq.m3Furnished1100 US$/Month
17E4Floor 7153 sq.m3 Furnished1200 US$/Month
18E4Floor 9123 sq.m3 Furnished1200 US$/Month
19E4Floor 16153 sq.m3 Furnished1400 US$/Month
20E4Floor 18123 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
21E5Floor 8123 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
22E5Floor 12123 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
23E5Floor 15153 sq.m3 Furnished900 US$/Month
24E5Floor 20180 sq.m4 Furnished1300 US$/Month
25P1Floor 8182 sq.m4 Furnished1400 US$/Month
26P1Floor11145 sq.m3 Furnished1100 US$/Month
27P1Floor 12182 sq.m4 Furnished1300 US$/Month
28P1Floor 12A182 sq.m4 Furnished1300 US$/Month
29P2Floor 3145 sq.m3 Furnished1200 US$/Month
30P2Floor 3182 sq.m4 Furnished1300 US$/Month
31P2Floor 7145 sq.m3 Furnished1800 US$/Month
32P2Floor11182 sq.m4 Furnished1900 US$/Month
33P2Floor 14145 sq.m3 Furnished1100 US$/Month
34L1Floor 4267 sq.m4 Furnished3500 US$/Month
35L1Floor 7154 sq.m3Furnished1700 US$/Month
36L1Floor 9154 sq.m3Furnished1800 US$/Month
37L1Floor 12114 sq.m3 Furnished1200 US$/Month
38L1Floor15267 sq.m4Furnished4000 US$/Month
39L2Floor 6267 sq.m4 Furnished2800 US$/Month
40L2Floor 8154 sq.m3Furnished1800 US$/Month
41L2Floor 12A114 sq.m3 Furnished1300 US$/Month
42L2Floor 15267 sq.m4Furnished4500 US$/Month

Here is information and price of Houses, and Villas for rent in Ciputra Hanoi

NoBlock AreaLand areaBedroomsUn/furnishedRental US$/Month
1C1 Block126 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished1300 US$/Month
2C1 Block250 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2200 US$/Month
3C1 Block126 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished1600 US$/Month
4C1 Block180 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2500 US$/Month
5C1 Block126 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished1200 US$/Month
6C1 Block230 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3000 US$/Month
7C1 Block230 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2400 US$/Month
8C7 Block360 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3500 US$/Month
9C7 Block360sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3000 US$/Month
10D2 Block300 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2500 US$/Month
11D3 Block180 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2200 US$/Month
12D4 Block180 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3000 US$/Month
13D4 Block180 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2000 US$/Month
14D5 Block300 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2500 US$/Month
15T1 Block300 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2500 US$/Month
16T2 Block150 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished1200 US$/Month
17T3 Block350 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3000 US$/Month
18T3 Block350 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished4000 US$/Month
19T4 Block300 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2800 US$/Month
20T4 Block350 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3800 US$/Month
21T5 Block230 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished2100 US$/Month
22T6 Block300 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished3500 US$/Month
23T9 Block150 sq.m4 bedroomsFurnished1500 US$/Month