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Ciputra Tay Ho Villa is a hot keyword that many people are searching for today, a dream living address of many families in Hanoi today. In the midst of urbanization, the downtown areas are increasingly limited by narrow space, few trees, and a tendency to seek more open, wider living space, which can be designed closer. nature creates green spaces. Therefore, villas like Ciputra Urban Area are a typical example of villa architecture right now, which is favored by many customers.

GREEN SPACE IN THE CIPUTRA VILLA TAY HO VILLA 3With a large-scale project, Ciputra urban area is invested and built with unique architecture and the idea of ​​mixing trees into living space, close to nature and plants, of the leading architects. The villa design is more about ventilation, openness and harmony with nature. The large windows are used to make the most of the natural light and the view is wide open to the beautiful staff. All apartments and villas are full of green carpets of trees, taking advantage of the area, the architect has created a green space in the heart of the bustling urban area, bringing a sense of relaxation. Thai, peaceful for families.


The prime location of Ciputra urban area makes the villas here more “hot” than ever before and when being offered Ciputra Tay Ho villas, many customers are interested and looking to buy a satisfactory apartment here. Each Ciputra villa has an area of ​​from 120m2 to 350m2, you can unleash the design of luxurious and classy living space for yourself.

Ciputra Tay Ho Villas is a peaceful living space, a green living environment, with the standard services of a modern international-class urban area. With a master plan to build about 50 luxury apartment buildings, 2,500 villas and adjacent houses with commercial, shopping and entertainment teams, high-class hospitals, schools, health care. The population size is estimated at 50,000 residents, promising a high quality of life. And this is a perfect choice for homeowners looking for a green living space, away from dust, pollution, in the heart of this bustling city. Be a resident of Ciputra Tay Ho to enjoy and experience the best and the highest facilities here.

Ciputra Tay Ho Villa is surrounded by green gardens, Ciputra Villa area gives residents a cool, quiet life, close to nature. As a resident of Ciputra Hanoi, you will enjoy a wholesome living space, with community centers, lakes, trees, and other entertainment facilities. You will have a comfortable life in Hanoi’s leading international urban area when choosing to live at the Ciputra Tay Ho villa. By this time, thousands of households had handed over their houses, many of whom had started to complete the interior finishing work and stabilize their lives.

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