Set on 8 floors with a total area of up to 38,144m2, Discovery Complex business center is a wide shopping space, converging many famous brands and domestic and international brands.

Not only satisfy the passion of shopping, customers can also enjoy relaxing moments with a chain of food, coffee and entertainment luxury. This is a model of infrastructure development has been applied and deployed successfully in many countries around the world will contribute to make this place an ideal destination for the people of the capital.

This is a place that always attracts crowds of visitors as well as visitors visiting the first day of the neighborhood is introduced. A large number of local and international brands have provided the Discovery Complex residents in particular, or the people of the capital and every visitor to a diverse, colorful and quality shopping center.

Discovery Complex is a closed complex with full facilities for a civilized and quality life.

Business Center at Discovery Complex

Coming to the shopping center at the Discovery Complex, if you are a lover of delicious food, specialties from peoples to class from European restaurants should not miss the food heaven here.

All familiar dishes are reminiscent of a long time of peace, or the taste of the water in the world is wonderful. Especially the food here is processed safely to ensure hygiene that you can enjoy peacefully.

If you are fashion lovers, handbags, luxury cosmetics, love luxury space then go to the famous fashion shop in the world with many brands with different brands to ensure you will feel. Be pleased from the first moment to step foot here. With superior products will take you all the way to surprise this surprise.


If you are a follower of blockbuster action films. Enjoy the movie on the big screen especially with 3D, 4D, 5D movies. To experience everything moving around you, go to the Discovery Complex’s commercial center and you’ll be down. Falling by the classics plus space is extremely class.

Moreover, when you come to Discovery Complex, you will discover a lot of new games, which will give you a feeling of exotic fun.

Indeed, this is a great destination for you to experience the quality service of Vietnam and other countries around the world, is a unique and attractive attraction of the complex Discovery Complex.

Come here for a trip, explore the center of commerce with many diverse items of many countries around the world. Also, if you want to rent an apartment in Discovery Complex to experience the great things here, please contact Alpha Housing for detailed advice.

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