Introduction about serviced apartment for rent in Tay Ho District

With many years of experience in providing specialized services for leasing apartments in Tay Ho District for foreigners, we have full information on the market of high-class apartments for rent here and will help you find the apartment. Best fit for you and your family quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. You can find on our website and send us the apartment you find suitable or let us know about information, needs of the apartment you are looking for, we will select and send to You have a list of the most suitable apartments available for rent before you go to see us. Once you have chosen your desired home, we will help you negotiate the lease as well as provide legal advice to get the lease. Please contact us now for advice, our service is completely free with tenants.
Tay Ho District is home to many high-end serviced apartments in Hanoi and has been chosen as the home for many foreigners to work in Hanoi and neighboring provinces. Most rental apartments in Tay Ho have been rented to foreigners for many years, with permits and conditions for foreigners to rent. The apartments for rent in Tay Ho district are modern, luxurious and fully furnished, many of them have swimming pools, large garden, garage and facilities. Swimming pool, Tennis court, Restaurant, Supermarket .. Please contact us now to help you find and choose the apartment that best suits your family’s needs.
The West Lake area has always been a favorite place for foreigners to choose a place to live in Hanoi, because the area is densely populated with a large West Lake area of ​​530ha. Climate control is very cool and pleasant. Therefore, around the West often appear high-end apartment projects, villas for rent with high rent, the group of foreign customers appreciate, like the serviced apartment Fraser Suites, Sedona Suites, Elegant Suites Tay Ho, Dao Garden Villas, Quang An Villas …

While the high end apartment market is thriving in My Dinh area, many new projects come into operation such as Indochina Plaza Hanoi, Dophin Plaza, Mandarin Garden, Thang Long … many investors buy apartments. High level for rent purposes, the West Lake area does not have many high-end apartment projects apply rental program.

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