Sunshine Riverside apartment project is a prosperous residence of a community of Thang Long – Hanoi. Sunshine Riverside understands and honors the most elite values, creating a perfect space filled with culture, class presence and pride.

Project Overview
Project name: Sunshine Riverside
Investor: Sunshine Group
Construction unit: ADG Holding JSC.
Total investment: 2500 billion
Address: Phú Thượng – Tây Hồ – HN
Expected handover: Quarter 4/2018
Total units: 932
Height: 31-34
Basement: 03
Total area: 11,953 m²
Construction area: 3,773 m²
Floor area: 123,991 m²
Basement area: 23,418 m²
1. Selling price and sales policy of Sunshine Riverside project

Word area. 56.17m, 72.42m, 99.02m, 106, 19m, 107.27m, 109.09m, 122.09m

The selling price of apartments is only from VND 33 million / m2 to 43 million / m2 – a total value of VND 2.5 billion / unit

2. General policy for all buyers of Sunshine Riverside project apartments

+ Free 5 year management

+ When buying an apartment in Sunshine Riverside, the customer is offered a standard management service package for the first 5 years (excluding service fees from 3rd parties such as: Car look, electricity, hot and cold water, contact information) lost, cable TV ..)

Receive a 1-year Voucher scholarship at the group’s International Kindergarten

Get a free Vocher for Gym for 2 years at Sunshine Riversdie project area

Get a free pool voucher within 5 years of using the Sunshine Riversid project’s swimming pool

+ The first 300 customers have the opportunity to visit the Mercedes C250

3. Payment schedule when buying Sunshine Riverside apartments

The payment is expected to be divided into 7 installments. Contact us to get latest information.

Note: Pay 2% maintenance fee when handing over in Q4 / 2018

4. Interest rate support program

Customers who buy a bank loaned apartment appointed by the CDT are supported by the bank up to 70% of the total value of the apartment.

4.1. 30% of the capital is disbursed on schedule

0% interest rate support until getting home
Free early repayment fee

Note: Only support interest rate when customers pay off 30%

4.2. Own capital 30% of banks disburse up to 65% of the total value of apartments

0% interest rate support until handover
Free early repayment fee
3% discount on the bank disbursed 60% value of the apartment, excluding maintenance costs. This discount is valid for 25 days from the first payment

Note: Customers can apply for a bank loan with a term of up to 25 years, the maximum loan size for each specific case is subject to the conditions specified by the bank.

The period of interest rate support + free prepayment applies until the handover of the apartment. CDT supports the prepayment fee of all debt receipt contracts with the period of 30% – 95% of the apartment value (excluding KPBT)

5. Preferential policy of CDT is for customers who need to pay before the due date

5.1. Always pay 70% of the apartment value within 20 days from the date of deposit, immediately discount 6% (before VAT) on the total payment, excluding KPBT

5.2 Payment is always 95% of the apartment value within 20 days from the date of deposit, discount immediately 8% (before VAT) on the total payment, excluding KPBT

5.3. Partial early payment customers are entitled to an 8% / year discount equivalent to the amount and the number of days of payment before the due date this amount will be deducted directly from the customer’s payable amount.

Note: These discounted items are subject to change without notice

6. Policy of commitment of sublease by the investor

6.1. The investor commits to sublease the customer to operate the hotel service with a fee of 8% / year of the apartment value before VAT + KPBT and deduct all other supporting policies. Investor will pay rental income every 6 months

6.2. Rental period and rent payment

Commit to sublease 12 months from the date the customer hands over the apartment to the management company of CDT (For customers joining HTLS)

Time when customers begin to commit to the first rental income right after the full payment of 95% of the value of the apartment. Last payment is received at the beginning of the 7th month of the lease.

Commit to sub-lease 24 months from the date the customer hands over the apartment to the CDT management company (For customers not participating in HTLS)

Time when customers begin to commit to the first rental income right after the full payment of 95% of the value of the apartment

The second payment is received at the beginning of the 7th month of the Lease

The third payment is received at the beginning of the thirteenth month of the Lease

The fourth payment the customer receives at the beginning of the 19th month of the Lease

During the rental period, the apartment of the customer is managed and maintained according to 5-star standard

6.3. Taxes and related fees as prescribed by law on the amount of commitment to sublease will be paid by the customer (Apartment owner) at the rent rate applicable at the time CDT commits to sublease.

Construction progress of Sunshine Riverside project

Updated on 10/15/2016 Sunshine Riverside project is under construction of the basement with the expected completion of 0.00 in November. This is the time when customers owning an apartment to invest or buy to stay will have the best price. from the investor


Location of Sunshine Riverside project

Sunshine Riverside Apartment has a special position right next to Nhat Tan Bridge. Located in the position that can be considered as the focal point of the “ Dragon Head ” area, Sunshine Riverside opens an unrestricted view of the romantic West Lake, the nostalgic Red River and the colorful dwarf Japanese bridge.

Sunshine Riverside project is located right on the bank of the Red River, approaching Vo Chi Cong Street, with a gauge of up to 60m straight to Nhat Tan Bridge. From Sunshine Riverside you can easily move to the center or out of the city, or to Noi Bai International Airport in just 15 minutes.


Sơ đồ vị trí

Vị trí Sunshine Riverside trong khu đô thị Ciputra

Location Sunshine Riverside in Ciputra urban area

Design ground

The elegance and elegance of European neoclassical architecture are an important mark in Sunshine Group’s products.

Sunshine Riverside Apartment has a façade architecture and the most designed qquans in style, in refining the classic delicate features combined with natural, sustainable and high-class materials. The golden ratio in shaping is applied to create hollow solid plates, harmonious, balanced spaces. Colors, contrasts and sensual materials are meticulously thought out to bring out subtle and pure aesthetic emotions.

Sunshine Riverside project apartments are diversified and creative, the smallest apartment is also arranged with 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets and natural ventilation to be fully utilized, open space with views. Unrestricted is the outstanding value of Sunshine Riverside apartments

Sunshine Riverside Apartments
Design of R1 – Sunshine Riverside building
Design of R3 – Sunshine Riverside building
Useful service of the project


Sunshine Riverside is an apartment complex combining high-end commercial services, including 3 apartment towers, shophouse and new Homete. By sustainable design solutions, researching the harmony between living space and useful living facilities, we create a population that surpasses the available advantages, establishing an upscale, class living space. .

+ The most distinctive highlight of the Sunshine Riverside project compared to other neighboring projects is the 5-star, inter-school, 5-star international school on the middle of the project, which creates favorable conditions for nursery education. future generations

+ The first floor of the apartments is the nursery for the preschool age next to the restaurant and Shophouse for shopping and eating while adding value to the apartment at Sunshine Riverside project.

Sunshine SchoolSunshine School International School

Sunshine Riverside apartment is not a good service for the community. With the motto “ All for a comfortable life ”, the investor Sunshine Group sacrificed a portion of profits to devote the entire area of the 3rd floor of 3 buildings to make the entertainment, entertainment and relaxation areas. integrated, 5-star outdoor swimming pool, sun deck, Fitness, Spa, Cafe outdoor … with world-class equipment contribute to enjoy the airy space with sunshine and wind of the Red River

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