Interior design of the apartment Vinhomes Gardenia My Dinh

Vinhomes’ projects are resonant, each having its own meaning. Royal City is a luxury European city in the heart of Hanoi, Times City is known as a modern city and Vinhomes Riverside is a European-style villa complex. With the project Vinhomes Gardenia in the area of My Dinh, it officially named as Malai, with very impressive design. Through this article, we would like to introduce to you the design ideas of the apartment Vinhomes Gardenia.

Describe the icon of Gardenia
With the name “Vinhomes Gardenia” meaning “flower”, it shows the construction orientation of this urban area as a place to live close to nature. Malian represents purity, appeal and vitality.

Gardenia’s primary color is blue-white which helps residents to balance their lives. The surrounding architecture and facilities contribute to a more natural lifestyle, close to the grass and extremely fresh.

Detailed design of the apartment Vinhomes Gardenia

To better understand the design concept of the Vinhomes Gardenia apartment building, let’s take a closer look at each of the design highlights of this project.

+ Interior design: ensure the two criteria are subtle and intelligent. The bedroom ensures the beautiful view, wide. Living space and kitchen connected to each other, ensuring the ventilation, limited area …

+ The architecture in the apartments in Vinhomes Gardenia have very nice layout, they can both avoid the heat and view the low-rise buildings also the landscape in the urban. There are many beautiful scenery such as park area, lake …

+ Many combinations of houses are combined here such as villas, adjoining houses, high-grade apartment and shophouse. It creates a variety of real estate products for this urban area.

Utilities around the project
These utility systems contribute a small part to the design of the Vinhomes Gardenia apartment building. There are 66 gadgets, many varied to choose from

+ Shophouse area with beautiful design and excellent location.

+ 10 garden gadgets with 10 different themes

Pool facilities: both outdoor and indoor

+ Common living space, play area for children, sports area, shopping area

The design of the Vinhomes Gardenia project in My Dinh is a diverse combination of utility, design and meaning. It is the most prominent project in the real estate west of Hanoi and My Dinh. Wish you choose the apartment you like here.

Properly designed apartments have natural light so this is the best apartment for you when renting apartments Vinhomes Gardenia.