A house worth living as Ciputra is a home that can be owned by your money, can bring a comfortable life, healthy by luxurious space, green environment and full facilities.

As the pioneer project in the segment of luxury apartments and villas, Ciputra urban area since the first disclosure of the first information has made the market boom by “hit” on market demand, meet Expected to be a large segment of residential customers Housing real estate recently concentrated on the high-end segment, so the status of supply does not meet the demand is still prolonged, the project has developed They are faced with a number of inadequacies, construction safety, utilities, fire safety, etc., causing the buyers to be afraid and waiting for a really good project so they can settle down. Ciputra urban area will be a bright spot in the west of Hanoi can make the dream of many home buyers into reality.

At the hands of the UDIC boss, Ciputra is believed to be the most livable project in the mid-range segment, due to the brand’s credibility, modern design, and exceptional landscape. from the owner


project that UDIC is implementing is also a prime location project, from luxury apartment projects, villas, and the crystal of that product philosophy.

The area of ​​the new capital is the most airy of the capital with green space “interior wind”, when there are no tall buildings but trees are as cool as a wilderness area living in urban Ciputra you Enjoying a peaceful, peaceful and fresh life, you will be greeted by the air of feng shui when the space is clear and still with large lakes right next to the project. Ciputra has overcome the disadvantages of pollution and dust in the downtown area of ​​high-end projects, and will lead the way in green living.

The apartments and villas at Ciputra are luxuriously designed, with delicately furnished interiors, each room is very spacious and the apartments are varied to meet the diverse needs of the residents. The expected facilities include supermarkets, clinics, schools, landscaped parks, gyms & spas, sports facilities, etc., to ensure that the residents’ lives are as complete as possible. There are also a number of other Vincity projects in development that you can hardly ignore.
This is the ideal choice for customers when. Rent apartment Ciputra Hanoi.

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