Ciputra apartment design. Ciputra urban area
The apartments here are not only luxuriously designed, classy but also specially own unique location with wide and airy views on all four sides. The large windows and balconies are the ideal place to admire the beautiful city

How wonderful it would be if after a tiring day you stood by the window sipping a hot cup of coffee and watching the city at night with the sparkle, you will feel relaxed and relaxed.

The apartments are designed in the architectural style of the French architects, modern and a little bit of classic expression of the owner level. Besides each apartment is designed to be airy. Living space is cool, pleasant, you will feel great when returning home.


If you choose to rent an apartment in Ciputra Hanoi with full furniture here, you do not need to buy anything more because the apartment has enough high-end equipment to serve your needs, the whole family. your family.

The furniture is completely imported equipment, high quality standards: European imported wood flooring, air conditioning, bell shape, intelligent three-layer lock, kitchen cabinet, bed mattress, glass door Noise, rubber flooring should not make noise when you move …


In order to give our dear residents a perfect living. Imperia Garden has invested heavily in the utility system, with hundreds of small and large utilities such as: commercial center, library, gym, walking garden, swimming pool.