Introduction about Ciputra’s villa rentals

Once you step inside Ciputra Hanoi urban area, you will feel they are in peaceful oasis among the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. With green space of trees and blossoming flowers, the living environment blends in perfect with nature. Incorporating well-designed infrastructure, green areas, beautiful natural landscaping, lakes, parks, artwork, fountain and sculpture to highlight its ideal natural location and make Ciputra Hanoi the ideal neighborhood and Living Environment for your family, a place you can proudly call HOME.

Recently Hanoi urban facing rapidly urbanizing, overpopulation…etc, Hanoi has also focused on development infrastructure, traffic and urban residence. One of the most urban residence with similar conditions Ciputra Hanoi like Vinhomes Riverside, Vinhomes Thang Long, Gamuda garden…etc. But Ciputra Hanoi still one of the most wanted by expat.

Villa for rent in Ciputra Hanoi briefs from 126 m2 – 500 m2, equipped un/furnished with surrounding garden and rental from US$ 1000 – $ 6000 depends on living area, furnishing…etc

Some of Ciputra Hanoi’s photos

Block D - Ciputra Hanoi

Block D – Ciputra Hanoi

Ciputra's entrance gate

Ciputra’s entrance gate

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